A lesson in taking your own advice

The silly thing about being an archivist and records management professional is that when you misplace records/information it reflects poorly on you. You even loathe yourself for your own lack of foresight.

In July this year I was visiting my relatives in Western Australia, giving them some of my good attention vibes as I was packing up to live and work in the United States. While at my sister’s I organized my tax (swore a bit as well) and then packed up all my business files. These are secure (never fear) in at least three places. I was very good. But…I was not so clever about my website.

My Rhizome Digital website had been going in various incarnations since 2010. I had some great comments about the kind of writing I did and the topics I explored on my blog. I had already transferred/migrated it twice – successfully. When in WA I shut down my digital business footprint and did what I had already done at least twice before – exported the website content to an xml file so I could upload to my evolved Rhizome Digital website I was planning.

Where is that xml file? Did I save it to the same place I saved the Rhizome Digital business records? No. Did I save it onto one of the various USB sticks I deliberately made sure I brought with me on the plane? No. Where is that damn file? I had planned to have this blog up and running a while ago, but was looking for the file so my blog would look more complete somehow.

Now, instead, I am faced with an empty blog and a lesson on humility about how even records professionals can mess up backups and disaster recovery (it is a disaster OK). Now I start again. Thinking about it, it is not necessarily a bad thing, the starting again. I have done this already with the move to the US. I am looking forward to posting about my research and what interests me beyond that which is relevant to marketing my business (although I was never really that great at the marketing side – lets face it).

In celebration of this new opportunity I have to express myself, and frankly, blow my own horn (I was a horn player), I officially launch my new blog and share a photo of my new office – the Kent State University Library building – Third Floor. Come and visit!

Kent State University Library building

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